Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Implementing Intensive grazing here on the farm

 This is the 5 day pasture.  Notice the grass eaten too low?  In Intensive grazing you place your animals in the pasture and figure out how long it takes X number of animals to eat the top third of the grass.  This pasture should have had the sheep moved off of it after three days.  The new Electro-netting from Premier is going to be great!  That is what is going to make this do-able for me.

 This is the new paddock.  Notice the grass.  I believe it will only last 2 days instead of three because it was bush hogged a week ago.  The idea is to let the critters eat the top third then move them allowing the grass to recover and put on seed heads again.  Then let them graze that off (top third) and move them again.  I am hoping to eventually be able to move them through ALL the pastures and it take about 4-6 weeks.  But that is on down the line.  If done right the intensive grazing will create better pasture fertility and soil environment.  The next step will be to bring on board a free choice mineral and vitamin program so the animals are getting what the soil is deficient in and then they are passing the minerals on to the soil increasing the fertility.  The prospect of improving my soil through grazing is exciting!  Cutting cost by cutting the amount of bush hogging is exciting!  Creating better fleece through healthier diets for the sheep- NOW THAT'S EXCITING!

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