Tuesday, January 8, 2013



 "Mom, I need a strap for my mandolin." Thus started a Card Weaving adventure.... I love Card Weaving! It is colorful, easy to warp, easy to weave, portable and it provides endless creative possibilities. When my daughter asked for this strap,

 I also needed a demonstration piece for a beginning class. This strap is an easy twelve card, 5 color design.The finished length is 52 inches and it took just a few hours to complete.

 For more about Card Weaving see Roan Creek Weaving and Farm's new weaving newsletter page "Intersections".


Winter is finally here- I think!  The weather acts very un-winterery, then becomes almost typical.  So it is hard to move through the chores of the season without having to think "now what".  

One chore that is easy to do regardless of the weather is plucking the rabbits.  Here Penelope is getting ready for her mid-winter plucking.

WOW! does she ever have a bunch of wool to pluck this time..... She is enjoying the time in the house though!  Lot's of unfamiliar sights and sounds to pay attention to.  I prefer to pluck the rabbits for their wool to make yarn.  The article I read 20 years ago when I got into raising Angora Rabbits for fiber for spinning said that plucked made nicer, softer, yarn.  I believe that is true and so pluck my rabbits every 8-12 weeks to make the yarn that I use in my woven scarves and knitted items.  Angora Rabbit wool also felts readily so I usually spin it with or ply it with another fiber to lend the whole yarn softness and bunny character, yet keep it from being too fuzzy, and too easy to felt....

I am working on the new page that will be out in January.  It will be a Weaving "Newsletter of sorts.  So keep checking back I just have a few more pictures to take..... 

Wednesday is the day for new Recipes!  When I was a girl we had a neighbor that made the most delicious bread- with oats and molasses.  I'll have my version here tomorrow.

If the cold sunshine holds out tomorrow I will try to get the fruit trees pruned and mulched.  Then the Raspberries need pruning and fresh mulch around them too.  The list is never short, but I am so thankful to live on a farm where there is plenty to do and plenty of abundance to praise God about too.