Tuesday, January 1, 2013



      2012 started (and ended)  pretty much like other  years....  A wonderful get together at a wonderful friends house.  Good fellowship with friends I seldom see.  Hugs that tell me there is life that gets in between precious moments of christian sisterhood.  These are friends that have been there to pick me up when life has overwhelmed me, so when they call "just to ask for something"  my heart is only too willing to answer even the smallest question if possible....
      Then the moment came for my second son to propose to a beautiful young lady.  Their relationship centered on the author of Love-Jesus Christ.  A year of long separations, long phone conversations, and long distance bible devotions ensued.  My heart ached for them at the same time I thanked God Almighty for the time for them to be lifted up together on eagles wings....  we look forward to the spring wedding and the new path that God has for them to walk-together.
      Vegetables.  Sweet tomatoes, luscious,  crunchy, cucumbers , delicious collards to wrap a spoonfull of rice and grass fed meat in.  Peas.  mmm sweet english peas.  Summer brought a variety of good food and we even tried our hand early at selling a few vegetables at the local market.  What a great feeling to provide good honest to goodness good-for-you food to people of our community.  I am looking forward to expanding and providing more vegetables this next year.  With the coming of the seed catalogs, hope springs eternal!  Now if my energy and time were just as abundant:).
    Jeremiah and I have increased our Jacob Sheep flock  in the early summer of 2012.  We added 3 young ewes and a young 5 horned ram.  This springs shearing will  decide who has the softest fleece.
Our fleece is the center of my yarn production and I will be choosing for fleece quality with my sheep.  So far the Jacobs have proven pretty hardy, friendly and a welcome addition to Roan Creek Weaving and Farm.
      Jeremiah has found filling the freezer an enjoyable pursuit.

     This years sheep to shawl went well.  Galena (in hat) was the recipient of this years shawl.  Galena, Jill Wood, and Brenda Morely spun beautiful yarn that I wove into a shawl that Galena calls her "New citizen" red, white and blue shawl.  We love the State Fair Sheep to Shawl and enjoy answering all the questions about weaving and spinning from the spectators....
     The chickweed grew like crazy just before Christmas this year.  The unusually warm early winter made the chickweed grow like it was early spring.

     The unusual weather was also good for the oyster mushrooms we like to gather for mushroom soup.
     This winter I added a recipe page to this blog.  I hope everyone tries and likes the tasty recipes that I will be adding every week.   I will try to add pictures as well.  I know that seeing the farm fresh food is even better than reading about it. 
     I am also adding a page to  the blog starting in January 2013 that will be updated every month like a newsletter. INTERSECTIONS will explore weaving in many different forms complete with a free project each month. 
All in all 2012 was a good year.  We have been blessed and we know it!  We look forward to what the Lord will have us doing in 2013 and we look forward to sharing our farm and weaving adventures.....