Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Busy-ness in Full Swing!

Tomatoes, squash, beans, cabbage, lettuce and-flax?  Yep! My little patch of flax has come to maturity and been gathered into bundles to be processed into the beautiful fibers that become flax!
But today is tomato canning day!  And amidst all the cleaning, slicing, cooking and pouring, I found myself thinking about a recent thread on ETSY' s blog about BUSY-NESS.  How full life is!  What a blessing that fullness can be.  Yet, sometimes that BUSY-NESS is almost tyranny!  TO DO TODAY, TO DO THIS WEEK, TODAY EVERYDAY, TO DO, TO DO, DO DA DO DA!  Endless things that await our attention.  The things on THIS list getting in the way of the things on THAT list!  How can we with so SOSOSOSOSO much to do- be? 
     Be.  Just be.  "Live in the spirit".  Think of -not much.  Listen to the wind ruffling the leaves, the creek flirting with the rocks it runs over, the Scarlet Tanager flitting from tree to tree.  Feel the breeze on my face. Say-nothing-Be. 
                                                   TO DO TODAY  
                                  1. Get breakfast
                                  2.  Can Peaches
                                  3. BE