Sunday, May 6, 2012

Joys of being a kid!

THE JOYS OF BEING A KID!    Sno Drop (named for being birthed during the sno drop bushes on our hill being in bloom)  has become joyful and a handful!  She cruises around nibbling on all the abundant spring growth  and has decided the portable hen pen is a great napping place! 

The first early garden  goodies are growing nicely!  We even have tomatoes hanging on!  Notice the chicken wire around the raised bed?  Sno Drop and Sassafrass have appointed themselves the "vegetable quality control crew" so in their zeal for their job we have had to create lamb and kid free zones!

Mr. Bunny and Sir Silver Hare are helping trim the raised bed edges!  A job they do seem to enjoy!

Spring this year seems to be a bit out of wack and so we are scrambling to get our heirloom seeds in the ground, everything mulched and get a head of the weeds.  Our soil test this spring explained many things that we experienced last year and has also explained the delicious-ness of the vegetables so far this spring.  Our depleted soil was screaming for attention so as we have added lime and some trace minerals along with more organic matter so we are experiencing better tasting vegetables with less problems.    Though we have grown "organic" vegetables for years the last two years of flooding washed a lot of our efforts to the Gulf of Mexico via the Tennessee river.  The slow building of the soil over decades was depleated in two years.  So the big push to get the soil into some kind of shape this spring has made some very dramatic differences.  Dalton diligently sucker's and ties the early tomatoes to their stakes and his attention seems to be making them flourish!