Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal in the Gardener

The Last Day of 2011
Oh, the hours spent pouring over seed catalogs! Don't you love this time of year! Brightly, artfully, illustrated catalogs crowd the mailbox. Our garden last year, you ask? Who cares! The promise of a new season is upon us. All but traces of last years successes and failures vanish amid pages of the newest varieties, better equipment, and better advise!
It takes only a couple of sunny days (like today) to make me start making a list of a few new varieties and start inventorying the seeds leftover or saved from last year. One addition to my dyer's garden will be weld. Also for my fiber experiments the kenaf that I didn't get planted last year is higher on my priority list. My research showed that it may also be quite good for livestock feed too- I love plants and farm animals that can do more than one thing. And then there is the spring greens! Besides the standard lettuces and spinach, there is the asian greens- mmmmm. So many gardening adventures and so little time.
For everyone with the hope of the Master Gardener in them Happy New Year!