Thursday, December 15, 2011

Year End

It's the end of 2011. Time to look forward, and reflect on the last years work. In 2011 I realized a long time dream of becoming a sheep owner. However, our first lamb died a few hours after birth. So it is time to plan this years lambing.
My wonderful milk cow-half Jersey/half Holstein, has been a great milker. Very tolerant of kids, different milkers, and the like. She will be bred by year end to a Jersey bull.
As the cold sets in, the many things on our farm To Do List get longer and longer. Not that we are accomplishing less mind you, but as the new year dawns its time to try to get on top of cleaning up and fencing, and try to learn from last years mistakes and get off on the right foot for 2012. So the raised bed area has to be mulched, and the new garden planned. Our tomatoes didn't do well this last summer. We put in quite a lot but did not mulch as much as in 2010. So the water regulation did not work out as well and the too much> not enough cycle created more of a desease problem. Squash bugs are a continual problem and have led to not getting any winter squash. What a disappointment! Because our farm is an organically managed farm, bugs require a single minded focus. As the seed catalogs come rolling in and I look to the new year and gardening possibilities, I also am reading more books, blogs, and articles gleaning information from all corners to make this family farm more successful. Some good reads so far this winter have been: A Nation of Farmers: Defeating the Food Crisis on American Soil by Sharon Astyk and Aaron Newton. This is not so much a "how to" as it is a call to farm, produce, take responsibility for our own life style. I am also re-reading Eliot Colemans The Four Season Harvest and Lee Reich's Weedless Gardening for more encouragement in the how to get more bang for our efforts. Everyone should visit the . Pick 3 independently owned local businesses and spend $50.00 this month in them. Save our local economies!
Mostly, I hope everyone reading this blog has a 2012 full of the hope of our Lord Jesus and health!