Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New title, new focus

Roan Creek Weaving and Farm
I have changed the blog title hopefully to reflect a better focus, and to help keep it relevent. Since I began this blog, I have hoped to make it a place to educate both you and us. A place to share the things we love. A venue to explore a spark of creativity weather it is in weaving, farming, child rearing, or our pursuit of Christian's Journey (if you have read Pilgrims Progress).
It is now winter here. Hay, hay, hay. It is also the time we move from putting up vegetables to putting up our stores of meat. We are taking hold of some of the things left undone during the busy summer. A major clean up now that the weeds have died back is in major order after the big flood again this last May. Soon it will be Maple Syrup time and then time for the greenhouse. Then without even slowing down the promise and hope of spring will be upon us. Check back as I will be loading pictures and musings often......