Monday, May 9, 2011

Thoughts on storm damage, spring on the farm and fiber....

April 26th was one of the worst Tornado Outbreaks in our history! Alabama was hit hard as well as 3 other states. Friends of ours were hit directly. The picture shows where their house once stood. The family suffered the loss of their father/husband and they had three of the children injured. God promises in Romans 8:28 to make even this work for their good because they do love our Lord and Savior. Our prayers and thoughts have been with this family and will continue to be with them.

Those same storms brought us in Mid Tenn a great deal of rain. Some flooding too. Though not on the scale of last year. We have fencing to do and it has delayed the spring planting. We got several tons of gravel deposited in our pastures. Also, it delayed the sheering. We are sheering our 3 Jacob sheep for the first time this spring.

We will have a presence at the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival may 27, and 28. There will be a bunch of vendors and lots of fiber and workshops so come stroll through the Dickson, TN Fairgrounds and see it all!