Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year and a whole new Blog

Triple draught goose eye" Fustain bag fabric with matching Fustain strap fabric custom woven

Happy 2009!

Welcome to Roan Creek Reproductions! On this blog you will find articles about textiles in history, making them, caring for them, using them. You will find a link to an ever changing gallery of items produced by us. We are a family varied in our interests so don't be suprised to find blankets and fire starting kits, woven belts and handmade knives.

I produce woven fabric for you to craft into your own creations, as well as blankets and throws, rugs and items that I create with my handwoven fabric and handspun yarn. I also create a variety of small tools that you can use to create fabrics or use to make your own yarn.
Check back often and visit our gallery and articles pages often.